As if Radio Broadcasting was not enough, enjoys live performance. It is 50 years since, a shy ten-year-old overcame his nerves to deliver a one verse solo in a singing competition. From there he went on to join an orchestra (French Horn/Timpani/Trumpet) and even a school after hours Jazz group (Trombone/Drums). By the time Hannah was 16 he was part of local drama group and by 18 he was supplementing his day job on the circuit as a comedian and club compere.

Hannah is a capable vocalist, who particularly enjoys Swing and Jazz. His set is peppered with Show Tunes and a Sammy Davis Junior vibe. Hannah has semi-professionally sung at Clubs and major venues all over the world (particularly Italy). Best Selling Author, and long-term friend Adrian Webster has described him as fearless. Alongside, the business and broadcasting, he has made time to take part in semi-professional musicals, perform on Cruise ships and support Charity concerts. Spain still has a vibrant live music circuit and prior to the Pandemic Hannah was guesting at venues along the Costa Brava indulging a love of live performance. His capabilities on stage naturally feed into his business life where he has often been engaged as a Conference Facilitator or after dinner speaker.