As if Radio Broadcasting was not enough, enjoys live performance.  By the time Hannah was 16 he was part of local drama group and by 18 he was supplementing his day job on the circuit as a comedian and club compere. Hannah is a capable vocalist, whose standard  set is peppered with show tunes and a Sammy Davis Jr vibe. Hannah has sung in  Clubs and major venues all over the world  with best selling author, and long-term friend Adrian Webster describing him as 'fearless'.  In an already full life that includes broadcasting and business consultancy, he finds the time to take part in the odd Musical,  semi-professional musicals, perform on Cruise ships and support Charity concerts.   He is a regular on the Spanish live music circuit.

Combining the skills of the live performer, Comedy and a deep knowledge of business, Hannah is a much in demand major conference facilitator and Speaker. He is a strong advocate for Equality and anti-corruption.