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On the move

Richard Hannah was born in the UK to West African immigrants. His father served in the Royal Air Force and his Mother was an NHS Nurse. Their work ethic and dedication to service were hugely influential on Richard and his siblings, despite both dying over 30 years ago. Hannah boasts a truly mixed heritage - West African, West Indian and South American. With Father being posted all over the world the young Hannah grew up in Military bases in the Far East, Middle East as well as Europe. Hannah's own careers meant that he continued to travel the world living and working in the USA, Europe, and the Far East. Hannah was schooled on Military bases before his Father demobbed and settled in Oxfordshire. He excelled academically as well as in Sport, Music and Drama. He represented England Schools at Athletics, played Chess to County Standard, showed early talent as a French Horn Player and Vocalist, and even regularly broadcast on the radio. Clearly, multi-talented his early career saw him flirt with both the military before settling into a career path that has taken him from practicing law to Senior Executive with some of the world's largest companies (where he maintains as a parallel career). He has six grown up children and step children who have collectively  produced ten  grandchildren and he now resides with wife, Lorraine in Spain.

On the Radio

Hannah has always maintained parallel careers - Business and Entertainment. Indeed, at various times in his life the skills of one career have most definitely supported the other. As a Radio Broadcaster and Voice Over Artist he has worked across independent radio, Online Radio and even Film and Video production. A trained video director and scriptwriter, the combination of both creative talent and driven business Executive saw him on the boards of production houses.

He produced and directed thousands of hours of audio-visual content. Notably he won awards in Education for a pioneering prospectus (utilising animation) and penned an award-winning education campaign for London Colleges called “Your future your call”. With a deep expertise in Law and Broadcast Technology- Hannah was an early internet radio broadcast pioneer. He developed a Cloud based Radio station, using commercial Data Centres to distribute shows even creating file compression techniques to get around issues buffering big data files online. Today’s Cloud based content platforms owe much to Hannah and colleagues at pioneering stations such as and Global City Radio. At the stations, zenith in popularity they were heard in 53 countries employing 150 staff.

Behind the Microphone, Hannah was presenting a string of popular shows including:

  • The Big H Radio Show – Syndicated for 11 years.
  • The Sunday Supplement (OnDigital Radio)
  • The Richard Hannah Show (Radio Rayna – Majorca)
  • The Magic of the Musicals’ (co-produced) with TV and Radio Broadcaster, Lesley-Anne Knight.
His current show 'Don't be Afraid of the Dark!' a Weekly Magazine on Seabird Radio Listen to Podcasts here! can be heard on Friday nights at 10PM. He is designing a new station for anglophone ex-pats as a Global Radio 1 reboot later this year,

On the Stage

As if Radio Broadcasting was not enough, enjoys live performance .   It is 50 years since, a shy ten year old overcame  his nerves to deliver a one verse solo in a singing competition.  From there he went on to join an orchestra ( French Horn/Timpani/Trumpet)  and even a school after hours Jazz group ( Trombone/Drums).  By the time Hannah was 16 he was part of local drama group and by 18 he was supplementing his day job on the circuit as a comedian and club compere.

Hannah is a capable vocalist, who particularly enjoys Swing and Jazz.  His set is  peppered with  Show Tunes and a Sammy Davis Junior vibe. Hannah has semi-professionally sung at Clubs and major venues all over the world  ( particularly Italy) .  Best Selling Author, and long term friend Adrian Webster has described him as fearless.  Alongside, the business and broadcasting, he has made time to take part in semi professional musicals , perform on Cruise ships and support Charity concerts.  Spain still has a vibrant live music circuit and prior to the Pandemic Hannah was guesting at venues along the Costa Brava indulging a love of live performmance. His capabilities on stage naturally feed into his business life where he has often been engaged as a Conference Facilitator or after dinner speaker.

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  • Calle Azorín, 25, Castalla, Spain
  • PO Box 38

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