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Broadcaster / Entertainer

The Early Years

Hannah was born in Buckinghamshire in the UK to West African Immigrants.  His father served in the Royal Air Force and his Mother was a Nurse, both died in their early 60s and are buried in Oxfordshire close to the base Hannah’s Father served on.  Hannah heritage includes Brazilian, West Indian and African grandparents and he has lived in a dozen countries including UK, Ireland, Malaysia, and the USA – currently predominantly residing in Spain.

Hannah has Two children and three Grand Children of his own plus four stepchildren and three more Step grandchildren. He is married to long term partner, Lorraine. Hannah has five Brothers and Sisters, 15 nephews and nieces and a dozen greater nephews and nieces who live in Spain and the UK.

Hannah was schooled in Malaysia and Germany and finished his studies in the UK. A good student, he excelled at English, History, Music and Sport. He sprinted for English Schools and even played County Standard Chess. Rugby was his big love which he played to a high standard bizarrely turning out for the old Yugoslavian national team when they were a player short on a tour. Never really settled in one place he played all over the UK and France and Canada.
His early business career training to be or practicing as a Junior Lawyer before settling on a parallel career as a Management Consultant specialising in Information Technology and Business Transformation.

Multi Facetted Broadcaster

Hannah has always maintained two full careers in parallel.   TV and Radio Broadcasting have always been part of his life.  As a young teenager he could be heard on BBC Radio Oxford.  As a teenager he began doing voice overs for independent radio before partnering in small studios in the broadcast industry from the early 1990s.  He part owned:

  • Maverick Productions
  • Clarion TV
He produced and directed thousands of hours of TV, Video and corporate material for Sainsburys Group, Sony, Direct Line, Allied Irish Bank to name a few.  He won awards working with former BBC TV Presenter “Michael Groth noticeably for an education campaign for London Colleges called “Your future your call”.

In 2004, Hannah pioneered one of the first Internet based Radio Stations. He innovated new technology to manage and stream radio shows utilising data centre servers. (Today there are specialist companies who sell this service). He developed apps to enable listeners to access details of artists and track information playing live (Common place today) all before TuneIn and Spotify were readily available. The three stations he ran, Global City Radio and ODR were heard in 53 countries and at one point employed 50 presenters and 5 firms of sub-contractors to manage the network. With the enterprise getting too large to managed part time, Hannah sold his interests to a media group and focussed on broadcasting his own shows and syndicated them.

From 2012 Hannah has produced season after season of special shows. Recorded as live but featuring his usual brand of humour, news commentary and music.

  • The Big H Radio Show
  • The Sunday Supplement
  • The Richard Hannah Show
Have all been hit shows, globally syndicated, and attracted audience in their tens of thousands.  The Big H Radio Show has been nominated for awards and though Season 11 was cut short because of the pandemic.  Hannah has come back with a new show as a direct result of wanting to lift spirits during a difficult time.

Technology Consultant

Hannah has a passion for applied technology and applied artificial intelligence.  He has worked for ICL (the last British Computer manufacturer (now owned by Fujitsu, KPMG, Capgemini, and Accenture.  In recent times he has worked with the MCW Group on Consultancy assignments.  Its his understanding of the Internet and digital that led him to work on Internet Radio Projects.  At heart he solves problems applying both a creative and fiercely logical mind – the perfect hybrid for both sides of his career.  In business customers have included the mighty BP, the UK Government, COLT, Thomson-Reuters and not for profit Education Charity – LGFL.  He has won awards for excellence and has worked in Europe, Asia-Pac, USA, and the Middle East.

COVID-19 has seen Hannah busy. For MCW he has led a Client Network Infrastructure programme that has seen him upgrade 2,500 sites in 8 months. A herculean effort to double client bandwidth so that they could continue working during the crisis. Leading a multi company firm of technicians Hannah was Programme Director.

“Don’t be afraid of the Dark” is a Podcast born out of a need to bring cheer to friends and family during COVID-19. As well as an opportunity to debunk misinformation e.g., COVID-19 denial and other conspiracy theories.

He manages his broadcast productions through Spanish based production house – Big H Productions and can be found working with MCW in Dubai for his management Consultancy assignments.  Though he maintains a home in The UK, Hannah resides in a town north of Alicante in Spain having first moved to Majorca a decade ago.

Live and Loud

Richard Hannah is a capable vocalist and engaging Comedy/Compere and live performer.  He has often seen his business and performance skills brought together as a business conference facilitator and guest speaker.  However, he loves stage work and has sung at Clubs and major venues all over the world and has even taken time away from  his other roles to perform with bangs, gig on Cruise Ships and participate in the odd musical.


  • Calle Azorín, 25, Castalla, Spain
  • PO Box 38

Contact Richard's management team for interviews or details of his latest endeavours.